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Latex Versus Memory Foam Mattresses: Which Is Better For Sleep And Other Bedroom Activities?


When you choose a mattress, you might want to try out the different types of mattresses before settling on a particular model and type. If you don’t know the difference between an innerspring mattress and a memory foam one, you might want to do a little reading before purchasing one or the other. While both these mattress types are perfectly fine on their own, they might not necessarily suit you as much as the other. On the whole, there are some 7-8 different types of mattresses and knowing the difference between them will increase the chances that a mattress will be particularly suitable for you.

Let’s take the memory foam mattress as an example here. They’re all the rage these days mainly because they’re well known for their back support capacity. For used mattresses, you’re better off going for one that has been refurbished. Anyone with back pain at all will likely find success in alleviating their back problems with the aid of a memory foam mattress. How exactly is this possible? Well, firstly, memory foam reduces the amount of pressure that’s pressed on certain parts of your body. It is a fact that certain body parts are heavier than others and as such, the pressure exerted onto them while you sleep is heavier as well. With a memory foam mattress, your body weight is essentially distributed equally throughout your entire body while you sleep. This helps relieve any pain that might accompany a strained or injured part of the body. You can probably get a more scientific explanation of how memory foam mattresses help by doing a little more research online.


Additionally, memory foam helps reduce the effect of any movements on it. This works well if you’re sleeping with your partner because your sleep wouldn’t be disturbed even when your partners rolls about in bed. Unfortunately, because of this feature, memory foam mattresses may also feel a little hotter compared to any other types of mattresses, really. If you’re still looking to buy one, you should take a look at this link, which has a chart of the best memory foam mattresses. Now, memory foam tends to feel this way when the foam molds around your body, which causes heat to be trapped right between the surface of the bed and your skin. Another drawback of memory foam mattresses is the fact that they often have some kind of chemical smell, that doesn’t really go away permanently. This means that you’ll have to air it every 2 weeks or so for the best results.

If this mattress doesn’t sound very appealing to you, you might be better off getting a latex mattress. Latex mattresses are made out of rubber, some synthetic while others are natural. Latex mattresses are great alternatives to memory foam ones because they not only provide the support that you’ll need but they are often much more comfortable too. You’ll realize that the surface of a latex mattress is often much bouncier and this will aid significantly when it comes to the comfort factor.

In an ideal situation though, whether it’s a foam, latex or even an air mattress you’re considering, make sure that you get it from a reputable brand like Sleep Innovation or Tuft & Needle.


You don’t want to get stuck with a mattress that has a very limited warranty period because most of them will, by one way or another, end up with defects or problems that may nullify the usefulness of a mattress in its entirety.